Rasbian si aggiorna al Kernel 4.14.71

Rasbian il sistema operativo creato appositamente per raspberry pi è stato aggiornato alla versione kernel 4.14.71, apportando molte modifiche significative, sopratutto per la prima installazione

Ecco di seguito le modifiche apportate la sistema operativo nella sua interezza, ovviamente alcune di queste non vengono considerate nella versione Lite.

* In startup wizard, assign keyboard to country as per Debian installer recommendations
* In startup wizard, add option to use US keyboard in preference to country-specific option
* In startup wizard, show IP address on first page
* In startup wizard, check for existing wifi network connection and show it if there is one
* In startup wizard, install language support packages for LibreOffice and other applications
* In startup wizard, improve operation with keyboard only and no mouse
* Password change in Raspberry Pi Configuration and startup wizard now works properly if passwords contain shell characters
* Battery indicator plugin modified to cope with Pi-top hardware monitor crashing
* Networking plugin hides wifi password characters by default
* In Scratch 2 GPIO plugin, set pin from dropdown list rather than free text
* In Scratch 2 SenseHAT plugin, swap x and y axis values for LED array
* Include latest Adobe Flash player (
* Include latest RealVNC Server (6.3.1)
* Include libav-tools
* Include ssh-import-id
* Removed Mathematica
* Merge in latest third-party code for Bluetooth ALSA interface
* Add ability to prevent software update changing configuration files, by creating ~/.config/.lock file
* Various other small bug fixes, tweaks and changes to text
* Make dhcpcd work with 3G devices
* Add hw acceleration to ffmpeg
* Improved WiFi-BT coexistence parameters
* Run fake-hwclock before systemd-fsck-root
* Raspberry Pi PoE HAT support
* Linux kernel 4.14.71
* Raspberry Pi firmware 5b49caa17e91d0e64024380119ad739bb201c674

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