Rasbian si aggiorna al kernel 4.14.79

Rasbian il sistema operativo creato appositamente per raspberry pi è stato aggiornato alla versione kernel 4.14.79

Ecco di seguito le modifiche apportate la sistema operativo nella sua interezza, ovviamente alcune di queste non vengono considerate nella versione Lite.

- Two versions of image created - "base" image has no optional software packages included; "full" image has all optional packages
- Removed from "base" image - LibreOffice, Thonny, Scratch, Scratch 2, Sonic Pi, Minecraft, Python Games, SmartSim, SenseHAT Emulator
- Added to "full" image - Mathematica, BlueJ, Greenfoot, Node-RED, Claws Mail, VNC Viewer
* Python Games and SmartSim added to Recommended Software
* VLC media player with VideoCore hardware acceleration included in image
* Version 3.0.5 of Thonny included
* Modifications to LXDE components to enable local configuration to override global configuration correctly
* Modifications to Appearance Settings to support above configuration changes
* Modifications to various initial config defaults and relevant package to support above configuration changes
* Selecting default option in Appearance Settings now deletes relevant local configuration files
* PiX theme modified so that all changes made in Appearance Settings are in override files rather than in theme files
* Design of scrollbar buttons changed
* Image Viewer moved into Graphics category on main menu
* Recommended Software now installs LibreOffice language support files if needed, and suggests reboot if needed
* Latest version of Pepper Flash plugin included
* Chromium h264ify plugin permissions set correctly by default
* Corrections to various MIME types so that files open in sensible default applications
* Set default timezone to 'Europe/London'
* Linux kernel 4.14.79
* Raspberry Pi firmware 12e0bf86e08d6067372bc0a45d7e8a10d3113210